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Sea Otters hold hands when they sleep so they won't
Drift away from each other,
One smile, can start a friendship
One word, can end a fight.
One look, can save a relationship
One person, can change your life.  

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"
Albert Einstein

The tradition of the bridal shower may date back to the late
nineteenth century. At a gathering of a bride and her friends, a guest
put a number of small gifts inside a parasol and opened it above the
bride's head. Word soon spread in the fashionable press and the bridal
shower was born.

Flowers have been used at weddings since time immemorial. The bridal
bouquet probably originated in ancient times when pungent herbs and
spices were thought to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride
from ill health and bad luck. The ancient Romans wore floral garlands
symbolizing new life, hope, and fertility. In the Victorian era,,
bridal flowers were specially chosen for their traditional

African slaves in America were forbidden from marrying. In a bid to
create a new ritual to sanctify the joining of two people in symbolic,
if not legal, matrimony, the practice of "Jumping the Broom" was
conceived. The bride and groom took vows in the presence of a witness.
A broom decorated with ribbons was jointly swept then placed on the
floor to be jumped over. The broom represents several important ideas;
it is, first of all, indicative of the literal and metaphorical
threshold that the couple is about to cross in getting married.
Moreover, starting a new life with someone requires a certain "leap of
faith" symbolized by the joint leap over the broom. And finally,
brooms are associated with the hearth, the center of the home.
 The Jumping of the Broom may also be incorporated into your own ceremony.

There are several theories as the why the wedding band is worn on the
third finger. One states that the third finger cannot be held out
straight alone. It needs the support of the middle and little fingers
either side, which gives the ring---and the union---protection.

A Cherokee bride and groom must approach a sacred fire and be blessed
by the officiating priest. After some traditional songs, the bride and
groom are each covered in a blue blanket. Later, when the blankets are
removed, and a single white one placed on the couple, they are
officially joined in matrimony.

It is believed the origin of the blue garter began many years ago when
the hem of the bride's gown was stitched in blue representing good
luck. The stitching later became the blue garter.

The Canada Goose, Swans and Mourning Doves mate for life.

"Be the change you want to
see in the world"


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